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We have recently developed a RugloopII-derived demonstration version for PocketPC 2003. Please click here to see a few pictures, and to get some more information. The program is still quite far from finished, so we would like to ask you a few questions about what you would like to see in the program. 

All participants in the questionnaire will be kept up to date about the evolution of the program. Spread the news ! You can contact as many colleagues as you like to participate in this questionnaire, as this is a way for us to assess the interest in PDA-based programs.

A few remarks: 
* the easier the program, the easier and more straightforward the user-interface can be (which is a distinctive advantage on a PDA - based program).   
* any device that controls a pump is subject to the medical devices regulations. Therefore, the PDA version will ONLY be a TCI tracker version, not a TCI controller: it will calculate the concentration resulting from your actions, not the other way around.  
* For TCI controller simulations, we would like to refer you to download a PC simulation version of RugloopI, which will allow you to do lots of simulations offline. You can download that version for free here.  

Questions .....

If we define the TCI tracker OFFLINE program as a program where you have to enter the infusion rates manually, and a TCI tracker ONLINE program that reads the rates directly from the pump over RS-232, would you be interested in an ONLINE tracker version? Remember: this will require additional hardware, and you will need to somehow connect your PDA to the pump physically. Also, programming the drivers for the pumps will make the program more expensive. 
I do NOT need an ONLINE tracker version, I can use a version where I enter the rates on the PDA manually

Do you want to be able to simulate the tracking in faster-than-realtime mode? 
Yes, I need to be able to simulate faster than realtime in my clinical practice

Do you need the ability to enter bolus volumes and continuous infusion rates, or is it sufficient to enter infusion rates only?
I want to be able to enter boluses too 

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