This page provides you with some useful information & tools to support you when applying intravenous infusions.  

*       Click here to download RugloopI in simulation version 

*       How do you know which serial port is available on your PC? Click here 

*       NEW ! This Add-in for Excel helps you to parse rugloop data files 

*       The first set of tools for free use is a set of drugmodel-specific spreadsheets that will calculate the Cp & Ce concentrations for your drug, starting from the infused volume.  

REMARK: these spreadsheets are for information purpose only, and should NOT be used to derive therapeutical decisions! This file is delivered as is, without guarantee for reliability. Still, it might be useful for educational purpose, or for verification of existing PKPD tools, or to calculate concentrations from infused volumes.  

REMARK2: these files can be distributed & used for free, provided that they are NOT MODIFIED, and that the original source (the DEMED website) is referred

REMARK3: these spreadsheets may contain macro's for internal calculations, so Excel may prompt you with the question whether or not to activate macro's.  

REMARK4: the actual Rugloop program contains a Windows help file. Windows help is no longer supported in Windows from Windows XP on. The help application can be downloaded from Microsoft download help

We have updated this page with several spreadsheets available for the drugs we use mostly ourselves. Check this page frequently; when we have new versions, we will add them hereDetailed information on the model & the model reference is contained in the spreadsheets. 

Alfentanil Maître model
Alfentanil Shafer model

Fentanyl McClain & Hug model
Fentanyl Scott model

Fentanyl Shafer model

Ketamine Domino model

Propofol Marsh (Diprifusor) model
Propofol Schnider model  

Propofol Kataria + TPeak

Remifentanil model

Sufentanil Bovill model
Sufentanil Gepts model

Dexmedetomidine Dyck model

Midazolam Greenblatt model