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A day in a researcher's life:
Imagine: some months ago, you had a splendid idea for a new study, the result of which will be spectacular and, beyond doubt, will bring you eternal fame. 
You've captured your study data. The study required you to capture data on 20 cases and 20 reference cases. For each case, you captured real-time data using 3 different monitors, each producing its own set of data, unsynchronized with the others. To make things worse, the file data is unsynchronized over cases, and way too many data-points have been generated: each data files is several megabytes, making it virtually impossible to compare the data sets for multiple cases.
Your department's chairman is expecting the processed data, inclusive the conclusions, within 2 days. 
Here is THE solution: LABGRAB, a Windows-based program to visualize, resample & chart recorded case data. 

Key Benefits

  • Labgrab can visualize, chart & print captured data of a single or multiple cases. Print preview and printing capabilities are implemented. 
  • simple drag-and-drop interface: drag the file data onto the chart that you want, to add it to the chart.  
  • Labgrab can synchronize, subsample & combine sample data of single or multiple cases into other output files - see our Labgrab Sample wizard page.
  • Labgrab output data is generated in a standard data format allowing further processing in statistical, database or charting programs.   
  • import filters are being developed for different textual input files. Send us your monitor-generated data file layout; we can provide an input filter for it. 

Labgrab© has been tested to work on Win98, WinNT 4.0 & Win2K. 


See our Labgrab Sample wizard page.


Exchange Rugloop & Labgrab user information on the Rugloop & Labgrab user forum


We are currently finalizing an initial version of labgrab & writing documentation on it. Currently, time-limited evaluation licenses (30 days) can be obtained for free. Please contact us for further information. 

Pricing will be based on a one-time buy cost and an annual support fee. 

Description Price
Labgrab program, including one year support € 529,-
Support, annual fee € 99,-

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