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... a universal software package for high resolution multi-monitor synchronized data capture, data display and file output generation... 
RugloopII© monitor-only will support medical professionals in their work as a general monitoring application with the following functionality:

Key Benefits

  • data capture from different monitors & monitor types: EEG, hemodynamics, ...
  • synchronize all incoming data in ine time reference; timing relative to case start.
  • generate a variety of output files from the input data.
  • default support for (Rugloop revision 11.46)
    • GE Medical (Datex-Ohmeda) AS/3TM & S/5 TM platform (a wave capture option is available as well)
    • GE Medical systems Marquette solar monitor
    • HP / Agilent / Philips (A)CMS / Merlin / V24-26 series monitors (
    • Siemens Infinity / Kappa RS-232 Export Protocol compliant monitors (SC5000, SC 6002, SC 6002XL, SC 7000, SC 8000, SC 9000, SC 9000XL )
      Siemens Medical is now a division of Draeger (
    • Philips Intellivue + wave capture option, connectivity both through serial line and ethernet 
    • Draeger Julian / Primus / Zeus / Apollo
    • Aspect 1000 monitor
    • Aspect A2000 monitor (a wave capture option is available as well)
    • Aspect VISTA (+ wave capturing option)
    • Hospira Sedline + wave 
    • Hospira PSA4000
    • Danmeter AEP monitor
    • Danmeter Cerebral state monitor
    • Morpheus medical IOC monitor
    • Fresenius Base Orchestra (for monitoring TCI concentrations ) 
    • Cardinal Health (ex-Alaris) Asena (for monitoring infused volumes, or volumes + TCI concentrations with PK ) 


  • support for infusion solutions: TCI support (outside Europe, or for veterinary solutions, using the TCI version )  
    • Fresenius Base A / DPS 
    • Cardinal Health (ex-Alaris) Asena 
    • Harvard Appartus 22 series 


  • support for veterinary solutions (see rugloopII© MO+VET )
    • direct analog input capture (using the BB-elec UD128A8D USB sampling device) (a wave capture option is available as well)


  • capture video through any video source in your system

System requirements

  • personal computer, PIII, one free pcmcia slot or USB port, screen resolution 1024*768
  • RugloopII© will work fine on Win2000 & WinXP (target platform ! ).


RugloopII© comes as a self-contained software package with one executable, a help file and a configuration file on a diskette or on a CD-rom. The detailed user manual makes installation a zip. Starter connection hardware packages can be obtained from Demed.


is based on a one-time buy cost and an annual support fee. 

Description Price
RugloopII© monitor-only program. This license is node-locked, and active for 3 years.  € 269,-
Support, annual fee, from 4th year on, allows continued use of the program € 109,-

GE Marquette Philips CMS HP Agilent Aspect A2000 Aspect A1000 Aspect A1050 Alaris AEP Datex AS3 AS/3 S5 S/5 Alaris Asena Fresenius modular baseA Harvard apparatus 22 Cardinal Health