RugloopIIę MO + VET


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For applications where no human subjects are involved, RugloopIIę can be equipped with a driver for the UD128A8D 8-channel a/d converter device. The A/D converter enables sampling of up to 8 analog input channels using a standard PC USB1.1 port for connection. 

The RugloopII driver implements 6 A/D sampling channels, 4 single-ended and 2 differential signals. Data is captured at 512 sps in order to generate a 128sps wave frame representing the analog inputs as well as 4sps averaged signals.

The averaged signals are output in the standard Rugloop text format; the waves are stored in a binary Rugloop format.  

This approach allows you to connect virtually any analog signal to RugloopII. The generated waves can be recalled afterwards using the new Labgrab version, supporting wave display. The display of the waves is properly synchronised with the other captured signals of the same case, on the same screen. This synchronised capturing & display of waves and averaged signals will provide a major gain in your research !  

The setup is only available for veterinary applications, since it does not provide proper galvanic isolation. Even for use in veterinary applications, proper operation will require operating your PC from batteries, or the application of a galvanically isolated USB hub. (apart from the electrical safety, the absence of proper isolation will provoke noise signals on your measurements) 

For more information or to discuss your setup, please contact us.