RugloopII© MO + WAVES


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RugloopII© MO or MO+TCI can be extended with support for wave capturing. Gradually, as requests are raised, waves from all connected monitors will be supported. 

The current version allows capturing wave data from the Aspect Medical Systems A2000, the Datex-Ohmeda AS3/S5  and from the UD128A8D A/D converter (for the veterinary version only)

Key Benefits

  • wave capture from different monitors & monitor types: EEG, hemodynamics, ...
  • the captured waves are shown on screen in realtime

  • waves are synchronised with the other processed data. Using the extended Labgrab, waves can be displayed on the same chart as the processed data. 
  • wave storage is in a proprietary Rugloop format to save on file storage; you need the new LAbgrab version to read the waves. 

    default support for 

    • Aspect A2000 monitor
    • Hospira Sedline monitor
    • Philips Intellivue series
    • Datex AS3 / S5 monitor: waves captured from the AS/3 are: 
          ECG1, ECG2, ECG3 (300 samples/s each)
          INVP1,INVP2,INVP3,INVP4,INVP5,INVP6 (100samples/s each)
          PLETH (100sps)
          CO2 (25sps)
          O2 (25sps)
          N2O (25sps)
          Anes agent (25sps)
          airway press (25sps)
          FLOW (25sps)
          Airway vol wave (25sps)
          Tonometer press (25sps)
          ImpedanceResp (25sps)
          EEG1,EEG2,EEG3,EEG4 (100sps)
          Entropy (100sps)
    • UD128A8D A/D converter

Upcoming devices for the (near) future: as requests are made

System requirements

  • personal computer, PIII, one free pcmcia slot or USB port, screen resolution 1024*768
  • RugloopII© will work fine on Win2000 & WinXP (target platform ! ).


is based on a one-time buy cost and an annual support fee. 

Description Price
RugloopII© monitor-only + waves program, including one year support € 529,-
Support, annual fee € 109,-

GE Marquette Philips CMS HP Agilent Aspect A2000 Aspect A1000 Aspect A1050 Alaris AEP Datex AS3 AS/3 S5 S/5 Alaris Asena Fresenius modular baseA Harvard apparatus 22