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Demed proudly presents... the Rugloop video module.

Imagine that you could synchronize operating theatre events captured on tape with your sampled case data... now you can !
Rugloop was extended with an option allowing to capture video from any video source connected to the PC. The video is overlaid with the current PC time and relative case time before it is written to file. The output file is a standard avi-file that can be played with any media player, and that has both times displayed.

The advantages are multiple ! 

  • synchronization with your captured data guaranteed: the actual time and Rugloop time is in the video, so you can easily match with observed measurements !
  • video sources: video can be captured from a webcam, a remote IP cam, a video-to-usb converter,... This means you can capture general events to get an overall view on your patient, but you can also link in real time to any video source being used by the surgeons. 
  • the quality of today's webcams, if properly selected, is fairly good. Obviously, it doesn't match professional cameras yet, but for study purposes it goes a long way. And if it still isn't sufficient, you can use a professional video camera with a high-end video capture card in your PC.


Please be patient for a minute while the file is loading (+/-2MB). If it doesn't play, please click here
REMARK: you will need the DivX decoder for this file to play ! The DivX codec can be found here for free.  

Above is an example of what the result may look like. This movie was captured with a Logitech Quickcam pro4000 webcam (less than 70€; includes face tracking (the zooming in the video is automatic; compare that to the 1000€-range video cameras ! ) in a 320*240 pixels resolution, and encoded using DivX. (you'll need divx to play this - see also the links page)
REMARK: the text overlay in this example is in transparant mode. The user can select opaque mode as well, guaranteeing good text readibility on all backgrounds.  

  • you can select any video encoder available on your system for both video and audio, as well as video sample rate, resolution, B/W vs colour, overlay text size and colours.
  • video capture is available for long cases without hassling around changing tapes! A 320*240 resolution video captured with divX requires +/- 300MB/hour, so a 10+ hour case or intensive care applications easily fit on a single DVD for permanent storage.
  • multiple media players exist that allow searching video at high speed. So finding the exact video moment that you need is fast ! 
  • works on all operating systems from Windows 2000 on. 

These images give an impression of what the Rugloop screen looks like when capturing vide. (this case only captured video, but obviously Rugloop can perform any of its standard functions in the mean time), and what options you have for video.


 As Rugloop video needs detailed customizing, it is not available as a 'standard' component or option. Please contact Demed for information on how to obtain the video option.