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        RugloopIIŠ GCP compliance
The success of the RugloopŠ program demonstrated the need for TCI control programs and their extensions. This urged us to create its successor, RugloopIIŠ. This MODULAR application proves tremendous perspectives for future extensions, integration of new modules,... 












We target RugloopIIŠ towards research in domains (fundamental research, new products or devices research, comparison studies,...) directly or indirectly related to anesthesia. Although it is not a strictly commercial device, RugloopIIŠ can outlive the restrictions of the European Medical Devices directory: the precautions taken in program design facilitate program registration to the European countries' authorities, thus allowing its use as a research tool in multi-center trials. 
RugloopII has proven its versatility in drug infusion research, drug modeling studies & monitor development. The modular approach allows an easy tuning towards your specific needs. 
Interested companies can always contact us for an open discussion on how we can support your research with tailored modules for your product, monitor or control algorithm verification. Demed houses the engineering capability to support your product design & testing. The department of anesthesia guarantees a solid scientific support.

Key benefits

  • modular approach allows addition of any module, any functionality, within reasonable time
  • program design targeted towards registration as research platform in Europe - required for use in multi-center trials 
  • default support for 
    • GE Medical (Datex-Ohmeda) AS/3TM & S/5 TM platform (a wave capture option is available as well)
    • GE Medical systems Marquette solar monitor
    • HP / Agilent / Philips (A)CMS / Merlin / V24-26 series monitors (
    • Siemens Infinity / Kappa RS-232 Export Protocol compliant monitors (SC5000, SC 6002, SC 6002XL, SC 7000, SC 8000, SC 9000, SC 9000XL )
      Siemens Medical is now a division of Draeger (
    • Philips Intellivue + wave capture option, connectivity both through serial line and ethernet 
    • Draeger Julian / Primus / Zeus / Apollo
    • Aspect 1000 monitor
    • Aspect A2000 monitor (a wave capture option is available as well)
    • Aspect VISTA (+ wave capturing option)
    • Hospira Sedline + wave 
    • Hospira PSA4000
    • Danmeter AEP monitor
    • Danmeter Cerebral state monitor
    • Morpheus medical IOC monitor
    • Fresenius Base Orchestra (for monitoring TCI concentrations ) 
    • Cardinal Health (ex-Alaris) Asena (for monitoring infused volumes, or volumes + TCI concentrations with PK ) 


  • support for infusion devices
    • Fresenius Base A infusion device
    • Alaris Asena infusion device
    • Harvard 22 infusion device


  • support for direct analog conversions (not for applications on humans)
    • B&B electronics UD128A8D 8-channel A/D128sps + 4-channel D/A interface  


  • Multiple infusion-device control: suited for drug interaction studies 
  • modularity allows integration of your tailored module for research

RugloopIIŠ will work fine on Win98, WinNT 4.0, Win2000 & WinXP

GE Marquette Philips CMS HP Agilent Aspect A2000 Aspect A1000 Aspect A1050 Alaris AEP Datex AS3 AS/3 S5 S/5 Alaris Asena Fresenius modular baseA Harvard apparatus 22