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Rugloop© is a Windows-based TCI infusion and general data management program. Rugloop© is an experimental tool developed for research & teaching purposes. It contains a complete TCI model database for most common intravenous anesthetic drugs. 
Supported monitors are:
  • the ASPECT A1000/A2000 BIS monitor 
  • Datex AS/3TM monitor
  • Anemon HRV monitor

Internally, the real-time captured data of the monitors is synchronised & output to file. 
The program runs on Win95, Win98, WinNT 4.0 & Win2000 (target platform).

IMPORTANT REMARK: Rugloop is not supported for new development any more. Please check the RugloopII© and RugloopII monitor-only © pages !


Rugloop© is an experimental program that is distributed for free. You can download a simulation version here

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